DAMPP-CHASER Humidity Control Systems

The effects of Tucson's extremely arid climate takes a harsh toll of damage on ALL pianos.
The main issue is protecting the wooden parts that are vital to the piano tone and ability to hold a tune. As the sound board and pin block lose moisture, the wood shrinks. Wood shrinkage results in deteriorating the two major systems in the piano:

1. The tuning pins becoming loose in the pin block, eventually resulting in the piano not capable of holding a tune. This compares to wood furniture that as it dries out, the screws become loose, and the piece becomes unstable.
2. The sound board will develop cracks. As it loses moisture, the wood shrinks eventually ripping itself apart (cracked sound board) The sound board is the acoustic amplifier that produces the tone. A cracked sound board can rattle, and the bass will sound weak or 'thin'.

The answer is to maintain the piano at 45% relative humidity, and this is where the humidity control system by Dampp-Chaser comes in to play. The system installs inside your piano, and is engineered exclusively for acoustic pianos. I have installed 100's of systems over the last 20 years and have experienced significant results:
Pianos that I tune and service with the humidifier system are stabilized in tuning as well as mechanical failure.
Pianos that don't have the system loose their tuning rapidly, and show a gradual deterioration to the point of needing major mechanical repairs.

Please call or email for personalized information on installing the system.