Scott Ramsey's Piano Tuning Philosophy

Nobody wants to have their piano tuned, the same as nobody wants to change the oil in their car. What you want is for your car to roar to life every you change the oil at recommended intervals. The same follows for your piano.

When you sit down to play, you want it to sound great! Scott enjoys working with clients and always has this in mind: "This person wants their piano to sound great and not a lecture on piano technology". This also guides Scott in matching his advice toward what repairs the piano may need with his clients use.

The piano may be in fair condition as is, and at the same time need extensive mechanical repair to bring it to its maximum potential. Maintenance requests can be as simpleas a quickpiano tuning and nothing else; if the piano is being played by a five year old ten minutes per day. Another client may want the same piano brought back to its original glory. Scott delves into a major mechanical restoration. Scott's attitude is unique to the profession's status quo: He is happy to do any degree of work to a piano based on the clients needs - as opposed to the 'all or nothing' credo that seems to prevail in the piano industry.

Tunings are $130.00

Please allow one hour for Scott to properly tune your piano.